Artist Rob Lang’s creative journey seeks to interpret the power of time on objects that are easily overlooked.  As present-day distractions limit our awareness, the impermanence of things may go unnoticed around us and fade into the past.  Lang, at once seeking to capture fleeting moments of the changing material world, overlaps the experience with an expression of mood.  The documented moments, influenced by the observer’s frame of mind, layer over the days, years and centuries of the object’s existence.

Hulls of Ships
Partially submerged and mostly hidden from view, a ship’s hull reveals the impact of all the forces in its environment.

Rob Lang’s Hidden Journey Projects, a meditation on transformation, explores the interaction of time, nature’s powers and the influence of man on his subject.

Lang’s choice to print on nontraditional paper for photography allows for deep saturation of color, providing a means of expression.  Through dramatic transformation, the boat hull’s ordinariness and utilitarian purpose are left behind.  What emerge are vibrant abstract images, unaltered, yet distinctive from the subject captured at a moment in time.

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